Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long have you been in operation?
EasyVA Outsourcing was established more than 4 years ago. Our group is driven by sister entrepreneurs and business visionaries Mrs. Priscilla Peters-Whyte and Miss. Sandy Peters.

One of the main components in our prosperity is our accomplished management group, who between them have over 20 years industry experience. We took great care to choose a group of talented, experienced and dedicated individuals as our administrative team. Each member of our team has several years of proven successful service and experience whether in administrative services, virtual assistant, call center management,quality control management and real estate cold calling. All of this experience guarantees our clients great value and service as well as world class campaign administration.

The success of our administration is reflected in our ceaseless development and achievement as far as both customer and staff fulfillment.

2. Where are you based?
We are a Jamaican company based in Mandeville, Jamaica
3. When will the cold-caller/VA start after I sign up for your services?
Firstly, welcome to EasyVA Outsourcing! We will begin locating the best possible cold caller/VA for you using the information you shared during the signup process about your working criteria, goals, campaign, and personal preferences. After we’ve determined who would be the best fit for your needs—we’ll connect the two of you! We aim to introduce you to your cold caller/VA within 48 business hours of signing up.
4. How are you different?
EasyVA Outsourcing is focused on giving world-class service and the most elevated level of client satisfaction while facilitating a working environment that energizes individuals and encourages personal and professional growth for our staff. You will not find a more focused, effective team on the phones than our highly experienced cold-callers and our virtual assistants work as a valuable extension of you.

Our main differentiators are:

  • A dedicated, reliable staff that’s second to none.
  • Weekly and Monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reports geared at assessing cold caller/campaign performance as well as providing you with insight on how to grow and develop your business.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Simple pricing model.
  • Cold caller/VA training programs.
  • Strict Code of Ethics and Behaviour
5. Am I locked into a full-time contract?
We do not have long-term lock-in contracts, however at least 30 days notice is desirable before disengaging our services. This provides us with a reasonable notice period and allows us to plan our staff’s transition
6. How does your pricing work?
We have a very simple and transparent pricing model.

Cold Caller Hourly Fee ($7.50-$10)+ Weekly Maintenance Fee ($8.75) = Total Weekly Cost

The EasyVA weekly maintenance fee is used to pay for the maintenance and management of your dialing system. This includes but is not limited to: leads file upload, leads reset,dialer campaign management and any other technical issues that may occur. Please note the maintenance fee may also be paid on a monthly basis.

7. What hours will my cold-callers work?
We will provide cold callers/VAs that are available to work during the shift you specify after signup. Our cold caller/VA’s are flexible and accustomed to working flexible shifts
8. What is the setup fee for?
The setup fee is a one-time cost we charge that empowers us to set up your campaign’s dialing system (Mojo dialer, XenCall, Phone Burner, etc). It additionally incorporates the expenses of backend dialer management needed to begin your new call campaign (creating user accounts, lead lists uploads, campaign/playlist creation, voicemail setup for both inbound and outbound calls, etc)
9. Is training for cold-callers/VAs provided?
Our aim is to provide cold callers/VAs who already have industry experience as well as the dedication and skill-set that you’re seeking. We do however also provide first class training and development for all our cold callers/VAs.
10. What happens if I’m not happy with the cold-caller/VA I choose?
Our exclusive and thorough recruitment process has us matching qualified cold callers/VAs skills, experience and knowledge with your requirements. In addition we manually screen, test and train all our cold callers/VAs. We guarantee if you are unhappy with your selection we will restart the recruiting process and provide you with another set of suitable candidates for the job.
11. Is my data / information secure?
We always practice good security practices with all our clients. This means only sharing information you feel comfortable sharing, and fostering a relationship of trust.