Agent’s Reviews

My name is Cassandra Cassanova and I’m from Jamaica. I am a very reserved person that is keen on criticism. I’m also a team player and goal-oriented. I believe that failure is not an option so I always try to find ways to achieve my goals. I have been working with Easy VA Outsourcing for 5 months. I originally heard about this company from a friend and so far everything has been smooth sailing. The management team is great. They are even friendlier than the employees themselves and because of this, we feel relaxed and confident to perform our job to the best of our abilities. Having this job has definitely allowed me to save more towards my dream. I would recommend anyone to work here because in the long run I would want to be a part of the warm and welcoming management team of Easy VA Outsourcing as a Quality Analyst.

Cassandra Cassanova

My name is Frederik Hugentobler and I’m from Nicaragua. I have been living in Nicaragua since I graduated and I have worked at a lot of different places. Now I’m here working at Easy VA Outsourcing and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy hanging out with good friends and family. Since March of 2020, I have had 2 online jobs and it has been a year that I’ve been working online but I have been with this company for over 3 months. I found out about this company in an online ad and decided to apply. So far it has been unique. The people that work here are really smooth and eager, at the same time, that combo makes it a really healthy environment to be working in. Financial stability is what I strive for and in the circumstances that I’m in right now, this work has improved my finances a lot. I would tell others to join the team. At this moment, I’m currently looking for someone to be a part of this company. I see myself working long term in some sort of high position or maybe something to do with Spanish because it would benefit us to have bilingual accounts.

Frederik Hugentobler

My name is Areesha and I’m from Karachi, Pakistan. I’m a call center representative who has been working in the BPO industry for over 8 years now. A lot of my work experiences have been with international companies. I excel in cold calling and I aspire to be an operations manager. I’m a highly motivated person that has sales experience with a track record of increasing sales to any company using my skills. It has been over 8 years since I have been working online but I have only been working with Easy VA Outsourcing for 9 months. Originally, I found out about this company through a friend and I must say that so far the journey has been great and satisfying. The reason why I had decided to apply for this prestigious organization is because I wanted to develop my professional skills and now I can definitely attest to my personal growth. The pandemic has had a very negative impact on everyone’s livelihood but having this job has saved me financially. I get to work from the convenience of my home. This job should be recommended to everyone because I definitely see myself working here very long.


My name is Eugene and I’m from the Philippines. I am a cold caller for Easy VA Outsourcing and I’ve been with this company for 5 months. I’ve been in the BPO industry for 9 years and it has been a great learning experience. I heard about this company through HubStaff and with all the experiences and expertise of the admin, quality and management team, I think I am in good hands. They are sharing some good practices for you to do better in your job which is awesome. They have weekly calibrations to discuss the calls and they share techniques to make it a ‘WOW’ call. I enjoy working with good people and I think I can stay in the company as long as they need me. They have helped me a lot financially because they pay you fairly and you get paid on time. I would recommend anyone to work with Easy VA Outsourcing.


My name is Ayesha, I’m from Pakistan and I work as a cold caller at Easy VA Outsourcing. I have been working online for a year and a half now and I have been with this company for over 6 months. I originally found out about this company through a friend and so far it has been awesome! The team is really friendly and it is always fun to work in a friendly environment. I’m getting paid more from where I was working before and it surely has helped me in fulfilling my financial needs. I would definitely recommend anyone to work here because I haven’t had any problem as of yet and it is fun to work with such a friendly team so I’m pretty satisfied with my job


My name is C.G and I’m from Kingston, Jamaica. I’m a 22 year old potential aspiring entrepreneur. I enjoy reading and I somewhat have a photographic memory so I don’t need to be micromanaged. I only need to be shown once and that’s it. My passion is sharing my knowledge with others. I have been working with Easy VA Outsourcing for 2 months and I came across the job listing through doing some research. So far, it’s been great. It doesn’t really feel like work. Everyone is approachable and easy to communicate with. It may be the fact that we are not seeing each other face to face but it is a refreshing change from the toxic work environments I’ve been in. My financial life has improved because I’m able to work from the comfort of my home. I’ve actually avoided a lot of spending that I’d normally do on transportation and food while being constantly on the road. I have recommended a few of my friends to come and work here and also I do see myself working here until I’m able to focus solely on my business.